"She gets shit done."

-pretty much everyone

"She gets shit done."

"She gets shit done."

-pretty much everyone

I'm a human bridge between logic and magic, strategy and design.

Behind every product or service is a bleeding, human paint point.

I'm a customer-centric brand person who lives and breathes connection connection connection. I help brands connect with humans.

I have a lot of experience in user research, creative direction, media production, brand development, and all things adjacent to those disciplines.

I'm a global citizen having lived, traveled, and worked with collaborators in all corners of the world.

My Superpower

You don't know what you don't know.


My favorite thing to do as a brand consultant is collaborating with founders and stakeholders to help organize their thoughts and then commit them to the page, culminating in the documentation that will be referred to for the life of the business. These documents are often called brand books, brand guidelines, brand bible, or style guide.


I guess you could say I'm kind of like a therapist for brands.

"Elizabeth was what you might call 'a strong-willed child'. I knew it would serve her well someday!"

- my mom

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