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- Mistress America“I’m an autodidact do you know what
that means? I do because it’s one
of the things I self taught myself.”
my story

My Story

I'm a professional overthinker. An over-achieving ex homeschool kid who believed 4-H debate club was the most fun you could have on a Friday night.


I was a writer for the Orlando Sentinel throughout high school. Got a full scholarship to anywhere I wanted to go to college and I just couldn't wait 4 years to start my grown-up life. I dropped out, had babies, grew those babies to school age, and then started my career at 25 years old.


2008 - Taught myself photography on a borrowed camera.


2009 - Fell into professional photography blogging before I even knew what blogging was. Got hired to write for dPs, the internet's largest storehouse of photography education. Wrote their most viral piece of content (still a record).


2010 - Discovered Google Analytics and found out that every time I was published on dPs, 30,000 people would go to my website. I needed to start publishing my own content for them to find when they got there! This made me one of a handful of the first photography mommy bloggers ever. I published 3x a day for 4 years.


2011 - Discovered affiliate marketing. Made $$$ editing photos on YouTube while promoting the Photoshop tools I was using to edit.


2011 - Hit 50,000 followers on Facebook (a BIG number back then!)


2011 - Produced my first educational documentary for mommy 'togs, horribly named "Shooting my Kids". Paid $200 for an email blast through a popular photography forum. Woke up with $11,000 in my PayPal account.


2012 - Started getting recognized out in public as "that blogger my wife's obsessed with".


2014 - I take all this social media, content, and marketing knowledge I've learned to a video production company in the UK. I go there to do marketing and become a creative producer delivering some amazing video projects all over the world.


2014 - I had written over 800 pieces of content, classes, and had sponsorship deals, but I was ready to focus on other things, so I cashed out and sold my content platform to a competitor in a record-breaking deal for a photography blog. Some people called this 'digital suicide'. I fade into blogging history.


2017 - After 3 years of producing videos, commercials, and corporate comms I move back to America.


2017-Now Working in brand and marketing in a variety of industries and verticals from construction to snack foods to digital transformation. It's been a wild ride and I'm only just getting started.

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stuff you might dig

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