I'm Elizabeth

A journalist at heart


From interviewing a CEO for their bio to writing copy to sell cookies, I'm always looking for the story.


When writing for sales, I practice a belief that benefits > features and we must inspire customers to see/feel/taste your product in their lives.


These are a few (very few!) examples of my writing. I've been writing since 1998 and have an attic full of magazines and newspapers.


In addition to writing myself, I've delivered editorial calendars and managed the teams producing those items.


Foreign Subject Matter


I excel in delivering on assignments for topics I know nothing about. Below are some examples where I've written pieces guided by research and collaboration with subject matter experts.


Who really cares about Pantone Color of the Year? Article in which I lay out information regarding Pantone's annual color forecasting.


The Rett and Statins Paper Explained In my time with the charity Cure Rett, I watched the news coming out of research organizations and when something notable happened, I gathered the scientists and used Skype to facilitate discussion about the new findings, using this research to write articles for parents of children with the disease. A second example: NNZ-2566 in Plain English


I managed the 2015 editorial calendar for The Centre for Reproduction and Genetic Health, Europe's foremost fertility genetics specialists. As an editor, I employed ghost writers to produce the copy.

Foreign Subject Matter
Sales Copy
Writing for Web
Writing for Screen

Print Publications

Digital Photographer Magazine
Canon's Photo You Magazine
CHIC Magazine
Orlando Sentinel
CosmoTeen (by Cosmopolitan)


dPs (Digital Photography School)

Chic Critique

Center for Reproductive & Genetic Health

HighKey Snacks

Photography in Plain English

Grace for Rett

Warehouse Express

The Photographer's Element


Subject Matter Expert


I spent many years writing professionally about Photography. I was the founder of a photography education platform with a monthly readership of 100k, Facebook presence of 50k and email list of 17k. Writing over 800 tutorials and editorials, I was paid to guest-post on other sites, write magazine editorials, teach online classes, make appearances in leading forums, webinars and podcasts, 1:1 consulting with clients globally and producing sponsored content. I was also profiled in a book about photographers. My focus was on building personal brand, pricing structures for service based creative businesses, managing client expectations and the sales process for commissioned artists. In 2014, I sold the rights to that intellectual property.


5 Photography Bad Habits to Quit Today written for dPs notable engagement: 107k shares. To date, the most viral piece of content for this platform.

5 Good Photography Habits to Start Today written for dPs notable engagement: 87k total shares

Do you need a new camera? A print piece for Digital Photographer Magazine in 2016

How to stay creative in a content heavy world One post in a series commissioned by UK camera store Warehouse Express.



In my time as a video producer, I've written many corporate videos - live action, animation, scripted and voiceover.


Office Zombie for Vodafone

Ultrashorts for Vodafone

Global Peace Index for the Institute for Economics and Peace

SAAS (software as a service) for Xerox

Corporate Video for Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Corporate Video for Hartford South Roofing


Personal Essay


Confessions of a Grieving Woman an essay written for my website Graceforrett.com

Sales Copy


I've been inspiring people to spend money since 2008 when I built my own content platform of 800 pieces of lead generating content and opt-ins. I built a large list and sold my online courses, in-person consultations and downloadable products. As an affiliate, I sold Photoshop and Lightroom resources.

For HighKey Snacks, I wrote or re-wrote all of the copy for the website right down to the 100% guarantee. I supported product launches with mouth watering descriptions and did editing, rewrites and quality control for sales emails.

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