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I've been in the business of creative since I was a kiddo shaking down my parents' friends to buy my yarn projects. I've been a photographer, content designer, TV producer and creative pipeline manager. I've encountered and supported many types of business models and these are my reflections.

Always Ready to Run My Mouth


Getting the Brief // A talk about helping clients build a brief for their creative project. This talk can be given from two points of view: how to get a brief from your clients if you’re in the creative industry or it can be geared for clients on how to prepare a brief for presenting to their creative team. See this talk when I presented it at Film Expo here.

In this talk, we discuss:
  • Why you need a brief
  • The pre-brief process
  • Getting sign-off at different points in the process
  • Changing goalposts: how to use the brief to keep the project on-task

DIY audio better for brands // A talk on behalf of Global Fire at BVE in Feb 2017. How hosting our own in-house audio/music production supports creativity, saves budget, resource and time. See video of this talk here.

Animation for fast moving global brands // A talk on behalf of Global Fire at BVE in Feb 2017. What is the current state of technology and global brands commissioning turnaround? Why animation is an increasingly popular style of video production for global brands working across multiple languages with case studies from Xerox and Vodafone. Hear audio of this talk here.

Ideation // One of my favourite topics: how to come up with fresh ideas and answer briefs to-WOW- your clients. A talk about techniques for idea creation and lateral thinking. A how-to for managers to lead & empower their teams to succeed in brain storming sessions. This talk comes with examples of ads and the ideation techniques used to create them. See an interview with me on this topic here.

Changing goalposts // In this talk, I discuss why clients change the goalposts mid-project and how to keep them focused, particularly:
  • How to set appropriate expectations
  • How to use the brief to keep things moving smoothly

This talk can be tailored to audiences from any sector of the creative industries.

Wooing Them // The strongest brands, content and campaigns aren’t about you. They’re about your audience. In this talk we discuss the importance of talking about the most important thing to your audience: themselves. Topics include:
  • A look at some successes and failures in brand and advertising
  • How to use the lies your audience tells themselves to reach them
  • Storytelling to sell literally anything

Saying YES // A talk geared for account managers about how, even with the most difficult client request, it’s always possible to be positive and say YES!

Communicating what you need // A talk for clients about how to communicate with their creative agencies. In this talk, I discuss how to get the results you’re after from your agency versus dictating what you want.

Short Form Video for Business // The use of short form video for business from SME to non-profit to global corporates. I discuss the revival of silent video, how to give a piece of content legs and venture into the subject of pre-rolls and how to keep people watching long after the “skip this ad” button has appeared.


Connected // How to facilitate authentic connection with portrait subjects to achieve deep and meaningful expression. I present concrete method for presenting perfect strangers in images as if you know them better than they know themselves.

Video Production for Wedding Photographers // Wedding clients are looking for video and they should be able to get it from their photographer. This talk fleshes out the question of why you should also offer video and how to expand your brand (and team) to offer services in motion picture, a valuable and highly profitable addition to the wedding photography business.

Advertising for Photographers // Advertising isn’t just for big companies with million dollar budgets. Combining my careers in advertising and photography, I discuss how to think like an advertiser to promote your wedding or portrait photography business.

Sales in Plain English // In this 5 hour live event, I take portrait photographers through the ethos and practical application of my sales process, empowering them to not be starving artists. Teaching this for many years, I’ve had students get in touch to let me know they were able to leave their dead end jobs and become successful with their portrait photography. Note: the rights to this class have been sold and it is now being taught by others over at The Photographer’s Element.

Shooting My Kids // In this online class, I teach some basic principles for photographing children. Note: the rights to this class have been sold to Rock the Shot.

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