Visual & web design for telemedicine startup

Tools used: Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop
Roles: Producer, visual designer, web designer, brand designer

“You pushing us to rethink the copy, image choices, and killing with design is exactly what we needed. You’re a warrior just like the Recover brand.” -Key Stakeholder

As part of my role at Recover, I arrived in the middle of a pre-launch storm. I stood up the whole brand within two weeks (including user interviews and workshops with key stakeholders) and then helped the team deliver the expression of that brand through the website where members will meet with their therapists, prescribers, and support groups.

While this may sound stressful, it was great to see the options I had for the visual brand on an actual website as it was being built in staging.

When I came onto the team, a first iteration of the website was started and I improved it from there. I think the biggest impact I made would be implementing the brand colors I set and doing a lot of copy editing to bring it in alignment with the brand voice. I also chose much of the photography and sourced the icons.

Favorite blocks I designed:

I worked with Recover’s CTO, Jeremy Buff, who is the best web dev I’ve ever worked with. He developed the site and I think it came out so beautiful.

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