Branding, web design, and WordPress development for a photography business in Central Florida.

Tools used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress
My Roles: Brand champion, visual designer, web designer, web developer

Many who know my story remember that I started in creative services as a photographer. I still serve photography clients through a business called Gracie May Photography and this is the brand and website I designed and developed to be the digital hub for this business.

My business Gracie May Photography has had more rebrands than Madonna in its 13 years of life. It’s been a fertile ground for learning and trying new things in branding, design, and development on WordPress.

The current brand expression was influenced by pulling together a gallery of recent images in my portfolio. I assessed them to find common colors and I built a palette based on these similarities.

A common thread I noticed in my work was the color yellow and sunshine. The GMP rebrand was based on this and I want every touchpoint to feel like pure joy and sunshine.

This website is the main collateral used to bring in business with the only paid ad channel being Google search driving users to search-specific landing pages.

My favorite feature is the hand-drawn floral elements which are copies of some of my tattoos. These and the logo were designed by my very talented partner. 👇🏼

You’re invited to hop over to and see this site in its live state.

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