Web design and WordPress development for portfolio site

Tools used: Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, WordPress
Roles: Brand champion, visual designer, web designer, developer, writer

It’s a bit meta, I know, but it would be silly not to highlight the fact that I designed and developed (from scratch) this site you’re on right now!

I first learned HTML when I got my AOL profile as a tiny kiddo. And then, Geocities. What I wouldn’t give to have saved those or have some way to get them back.

Since then, I’ve been making spaces online for others and myself—including this site.

Everything I design has a utility. I don’t design things just because I like them. One such area on this site is the filters for my portfolio:

👆🏼 Desktop View 👆🏼

👆🏼 Mobile View 👆🏼

An area of friction I’ve experienced repeatedly when looking at agencies and freelancers to hire is that there is no information architecture to the items in their portfolios. Or, rather, the architecture of the information and the taxonomies/ontologies are often designed with only one user group in mind.

The items are either just thrown together for the user to sift through or there’s one mechanism for filtering. Either by discipline or by industry. But never both.

Having experienced this as a user, I built my portfolio pages for findability and with the understanding that you may be here to see everything I’ve done for B2C or you may be here to see everything I’ve done in video production.

Visit my portfolio and try it out!

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Popular Projects

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