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Internal Comms Video // Vodafone TV

With their impending launch into the cable TV space, Vodafone required a series of internal videos to communicate the 3 USPs of the product internally. We had to walk a fine line in terms of ideas we pitched because it’s not the remit of our client (the internal comms department) to advertise to employees. Rather, we needed to communicate the USPs in an entertaining way which was educational rather than advertising.

One of the questions I most enjoy asking the creative team in the process of ideation is “what’s the worst thing that could happen without this product?” The team concluded that in the case of the USP in question (that the product was easily portable due to device connectivity) that a worst case scenario could be that if you didn’t have Vodafone TV in your life, you may have to suffer through office reenactments of your favourite show. In the case of our character office buffoon Gordon, he’s a Walking Dead fan dramatically acting out last night’s episode. Luckily, characters Sacha and Jamie have Vodafone TV and they “got caught up on last night’s episode coming in on the train”.

The production of this piece required management of a rather large team of writers, directors and others and you can see behind the scenes of this project here.


  • Producer Elizabeth Halford
  • Director Damian Power
  • DOP Mark Rose
  • First Camera Assistant Sascha Tucker
  • Grips Fraser Hughes, Joanne Williamson, Sarah Tehranian
  • Props Charlotte Simonsen
  • Edit Mark Rose
  • Sound Elkanah Groves
  • Music Ross Gill
  • MUA Tamara Tott
  • Talent Gordon Peaston (Zombie) Jamie Lee-Hill (male co-worker) Sacharissa Claxton (female co-worker)
  • Extras Joanne Williamson, Adam Renshaw, Sarah Tehranian
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