I was engaged by a govcon PPE supplier to make their one-sheet look more professional.

Tools: Figma
Role: designer

I was engaged by Stronghold Group to re-design a marketing one-sheet for their health division’s PPE product.

These pieces of collateral have a few different names: one-sheet, one-pager, or a slick. I personally call it a slick because they’re rarely only one page.

One of the USPs for this product was TAA compliance which is a requirement that was lifted during the pandemic to open the PPE industry up for more production in non-compliant countries. This has caused an influx of products into the market that are possibly not safe and absolutely not approved for use by the military.

Stronghold has sold this nitrile glove into the national stockpile and all VA hospitals and they had designed their own one-sheet in Powerpoint.

I redesigned it into a two-page slick. Page one to highlight the benefits and page two to break down the specs. I’m really happy with how it turned out and think it’s a great example of what a slick can look like.

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