Video to advertise a video production company

Roles: Producer, writer, camera person

They say “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”. I say “the marketing agency has no marketing”. In my role as a producer at Global Fire Productions, I made it my business to make sure we were also producing content for our own brand and marketing.

During our rebrand exercise, I discovered that Global Fire was like the roadie crew behind the scenes making their live events and video productions great. We were silent partners in black slipping in and out of the proverbial backstage to let THEM shine.

Additionally, we discovered that the perception of our brand was that we were “cheap” but not particularly creative. The truth is, we were able to deliver video content much cheaper than other agencies because we were more scrappy and lean than their other vendors because we all performed multiple roles at Global Fire. So I wrote and directed this video to illustrate that USP.

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