Corporate video for a brick holdings company in the UK

Roles: writer, producer, storyboarding, production management

The video gives a real sense of our scale and achievement. It really reflects what we as a business contribute to the built environment around us” -Frank Hanna, Group Commercial Director, MBH PLC

The Requirement

In early 2015, I was approached by MBH who is the largest British producer of handmade and machine bricks and pavers and is also a leader in clay tiles, special shaped bricks, terra cotta, and bespoke products. As such, they required a video that would wow potential investors and show them the massive scale with which they operate.

With my robust production team, I took them through the process from concept to writing the brief, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and through to completion.

The Process

With multiple locations nationwide and a dangerous process within the plants, the process started with risk assessment visits and compiling of reports for keeping the production team safe. In tandem with this process, I oversaw a creative process which started with writing the brief to make sure we had everything down on paper so I knew the precise objectives, who we were talking to and the outcomes the client hoped the video would produce.

A crew of myself and three crew traveled to all of the MBH plants to gather footage of every part of the process as well as getting into their heads to more fully understand the process so we could tell the story effectively.

In addition to the motion picture crew, an aerial team was mobilized to get footage from the sky which I believe massively increased the beauty and production value of the piece. The scale of this company deserved to be displayed in a grand and impressive way for potential investors.

We then recorded the voice-over in Global Fire’s in-house audio studio, composed the music, and edited the footage into a story.

The Result

This video debuted at a large event for its intended purpose (investors), but company director Frank Hanna reported that it has also made an impression on members of the team who were wowed by the actual scale of their company. This has proven that the piece is also useful on an internal level.

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