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Internal Comms Video // Vodafone

In winter 2016, Vodafone Group came to Global Fire with a challenge to promote the revamp of their global L&D platform. The challenging bit was to make it something to stand out from all the typical content employees would see when they logged on for the day (much of which we also made). I decided it needed to feel like a piece of content they would have fallen across on Facebook and make them sit up, take notice and, most of all, forget they were on the office intranet for a moment in time. We didn’t even top them off with a branded screen because I wanted them to immediately throw the viewer into the story without first seeing their company’s logo. I wanted their frame of mind when they were watching to be transformed.
We came up with 3 ultra short storylines which were abstract enough to arrest attention yet concrete enough to wrap up at the end with a tagline leading it back to the L&D portal coming soon.
There were three USPs for the portal:
  • Personalization
  • Digitization
  • Simplification
This storyboard you see here was for the simplification USP in which the platform takes something which was previously complicated and makes it simplified, illustrating the proposition: “Some things don’t need to be so complicated. At Vodafone, we have a simple solution to learning.”
Credits ::
  • Creative Producer // Elizabeth Halford
  • Production Coordinator // Sam Aruwa
  • Director/DOP // Mark Rose
  • Editing // Mark Rose
  • 1st Asst Camera // Sascha Tucker
  • Sound // Ross Gill & Elkanah Groves
  • Art // Charlotte Simonsen

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