Sizzle for documentary Urban Roots

Role: Producer

When pitching concepts to networks, it helps to have a sizzle, or a sample, to show them in order that they can easily see your idea. This is one such sizzle for a potential documentary called Urban Roots.


As the world population inches towards the 9-billion mark by 2050, and over 80 percent of it moves to the cities, the big question is: Are our cities ready to face the greatest ever migration of the human race? Experts believe that urban trees hold the key to human survival. Urban Roots takes us on a journey around the cities of the world for a comprehensive look at urban trees and their real value in the context of an exploding city-dwelling population.


Urban Roots was pitched to the BBC who said that they had just picked up a documentary about trees and if we had been a week earlier, they would have picked it up. C’est la vie.


Concept // Manoj Bahatnagar, Optimum Television

Story & Production // Elizabeth Halford

Filming & Editing // Ross Gill

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