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Internal Comms Videos // Vodafone

In winter 2016, Vodafone Group came with a challenge to promote the revamp of their global L&D platform. The challenging bit was to make it something to stand out from all the typical content employees would see when they logged on for the day (much of which we at Global Fire also made). I desired for this content to feel like a piece of content they would have fallen across on Facebook and make them sit up, take notice and, most of all, forget they were on the office intranet for a moment in time. We didn’t even top them off with a branded screen because I wanted them to immediately throw the viewer into the story without first seeing their company’s logo. I wanted their frame of mind when they were watching to be transformed.

With my brainstorming partner, Charlotte, we came up with 3 ultra-short storylines which were abstract enough to arrest attention yet concrete enough to wrap up at the end with a tagline leading it back to the L&D portal coming soon.
There were three different marketing propositions for the portal:
  • Personalization
  • Digitization
  • Simplification
These storyboards you see here were for the personalization proposition in which the platform “knows” you when you log in. It knows your current role and your career goals and pushes classes and content your way which will help to develop users towards their career objectives. And it does it in a way that makes you feel known as an individual.

The ideation portion of this project had us asking ourselves: “What’s personal? What things lend themselves to individuality?” At first, we leaned towards fingerprints, however this client is a tech company and we know from working with them so heavily that, to them, finger prints represent security and not individuality. I love the book How to Win Friends and Influence people and we remembered that Dale Carnegie famously wrote, “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” And there we have it.
The individual stories you see in the three films were drawn from real life experiences, particularly Elizabeth who introduces herself, and instantly, people decide to call her any one of the umpteen nicknames for “Elizabeth”. This happens to me so often. And who hasn’t been baffled at a barista who can’t grasp the most simple of names?
I believe that if an idea is strong enough, it doesn’t need to be filmed in an ultra-high-budget way in order to hit the mark. We made these for a meager budget, purposefully filming them in a low-fi way to make them feel like they were no biggie in order to get viewers to sit up and take notice. 
Credits ::
  • Concept // Elizabeth Halford, Charlotte Simonsen, Mark Rose
  • Stories // “Buddy Fail” Elizabeth Halford, Charlotte Simonsen, Mark Rose. “Colleague Fail” Elizabeth Halford. “Barista Fail” Elizabeth Halford, Charlotte Simonsen, Mark Rose
  • Writer // Elizabeth Halford
  • Creative Producer // Elizabeth Halford
  • Production Coordinator // Sam Aruwa
  • Director/DOP // Mark Rose
  • Editing // Mark Rose
  • 1st Asst Camera // Sascha Tucker
  • Sound // Ross Gill & Elkanah Groves

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