For their 9th birthday, I took 9 employees at a digital agency and created a looping video for Instagram

Roles: Writer, producer, art director

We consume a massive amount of video content on a day-to-day basis, amirite? It’s so easy to watch a 5 or 10 second thing and just move on. But there’s someone working in the background to create those things. People like me!

In my time at Laughing Samurai, one of my jobs was to help the agency remember themselves as a client and create assets to market the agency (there’s an anecdote which says “agencies are their own worst clients” and it’s sooo true!)

As their 9th birthday drew near, I was tasked to come up with something we could do to celebrate. So I took our 9 employees and employed the team to work together to create a looping video for Instagram. We then segmented out each character’s own video to post to the Story to direct followers to the grid. A really fun little piece which took a surprisingly large amount of work!

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