A series of stir-and-serve cooking videos featuring Emily Ellyn for Idaho Potato.

Roles: on-set consultant

At the time this was filmed, potato PR had hit a low point due to foodies looking down their noses at the starch as a poor option for classy cookin’. Movements taking a stand against nightshade foods were giving the potato a bad wrap. And the Idaho Potato Commission aimed to do something about that.

Insert Food Network star and retro rad chef Emily Ellyn. The totes adorbs mother of all things retro and bygone. She’s fun, she’s fashionable and she’s cooks one helluva potato.

When I was still living in the UK, I was hired by the Orlando digital marketing agency Laughing Samurai to help them produce three stir-and-serve cooking videos featuring Emily. We worked remotely for a couple of months leading up to the gig and I was present for filming, acting as an on-set consultant. I loved working with creative director Gilbert Gomez and Orlando production company Studio Say So.

We filmed on the sound stage at Orange Studio in the Mills50 District of Orlando. Enjoy!

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