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Corporate Video // Hartford South Roofing

This video for Hartford South Roofing is my favorite thing I produced in my time as a creative producer at Laughing Samurai. I have a history of producing corporate video for large scale industry (like brick manufacturing and farming).

I would definitely say that this is a specialism in video production because it involves:

  • Mitigating risk for potentially dangerous situations
  • Understanding the business and what matters to the viewer
  • Script writing for screen
  • Acquiring footage of very large things (like the roof of a Publix warehouse!)
  • Aerial footage, sometimes in no-fly zones

That last one was an issue with this film because one of the most exceptional roofs Hartford South wanted to display was located at Embry Riddle which is in restricted air space. But I’m scrappy and never afraid of a challenge so I found a helicopter pilot for the news and put a camera person on the helicopter!

I produced every aspect of this film including:

  • Script
  • Story
  • Sourcing voice talent
  • Arranging filming on the ground and in the air
  • Licensing of music

My time at Laughing Samurai ended before the final delivery of this video so the edit isn’t as tight as I would have liked (exe: footage needs to be graded and hand-held camera work to be stabilized) but it maintains the overall vision and I think they did a great job!

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