This piece was made in partnership with the London agency Gyro

Roles: Producer, production manager

Through my role as a producer at Global Fire, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Your Ready Business (YRB) with content for a while and we always do this in synergy with the advertising agencies which support the Vodafone company. Clients regularly point their agencies toward us in order that we can produce the video to support the campaigns that the agencies dream up.

This piece was made in partnership with agency Gyro.

See how YRB are using this piece here.

  • Executive Producer // Elizabeth Halford, Global Fire
  • Production Coordinator // Sam Aruwa, Global Fire
  • Creative & Account Mgmt // Gyro
  • Motion Graphics // Mark Rose, Global Fire
  • Camera Work // Mark Rose & Sascha Tucker, Global Fire
  • Editing // Mark Rose, Global Fire
  • Sound Design // Elkanah Groves, Global Fire

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