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Animation Video // Institute for Economics & Peace

We were engaged by the Institute for Economics and Peace to render their 115 page Global Peace Index document into a 2 minute video for consumption by the general public. This means turning a lot of technical lingo into visuals which “the man on the street” can digest as useful (and most importantly) understandable data.

Getting vital information into the hands of the public requires a strategy involving many different avenues for communication depending on your audience. For the GPI, the main piece of content is their 115 page report which is then rendered into infographics, shorter PDF versions for the general public and also video.

This year we had the pleasure of helping the IEP tell the world about the state of peace using the visual power of motion graphics and animation.

Executive Producer // Elizabeth Halford
Creative Director // Mark Rose
Concept & Storyboard // Charlotte Simonsen & Sascha Tucker
Motion Graphics // Mark Rose
Voice // Andrew Hopkins

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