Assets for a DTC CPG startup in the better-for-you space

Roles: Producer, creative director, art director, photographer

“Elizabeth came into our startup during a period of rapid growth. She helped us understand inefficiencies in our creative process and identified vendors who could deliver assets for a fraction of the cost. She’s worked with big budgets and small budgets and still been able to deliver gorgeous, kickass work.”

-Morgan Shepard, Director of Brand Communications, HighKey

As a creative manager for this direct-to-consumer CPG business, I’ve managed vendors and in-house creatives in the production of assets to support new product launches. In my time there, the business launched a new product (on average) every 10 days. Each product was supported by around 150 individual assets including photography, video footage and edited videos for social, ads, direct-response, Amazon and Shopify.

In terms of creative production, I…

  • Produced on-pack photography
  • Produced off-pack (lifestyle) photography
  • Produced the capture of live-action footage
  • Managed the process of editing footage into animations and videos for digital ads, Amazon listing content, social media content, and content to be used on retailer sites (like
  • Set the tone for lifestyle photography look and feel
  • Designed supplements to the brand bible document especially for vendors to ensure uniform results.
  • Developed the video brand and standards.
  • Developed the tone of voice for copywriting.
  • Wrote copy from product descriptions to ingredient information right down to the 100% guarantee.
  • Supported the launch of the new e-commerce site
  • Utilized relationships I have with vendors to innovate new ways to deliver, for pennies on the dollar, what agencies were charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

Enjoy a taste of what I produced below

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Popular Projects

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