Often called a style guide, a brand bible, or simply brand guidelines, these documents are foundational and referred to for the lifetime of the business.

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Google Slides (great for collaboration)
Roles: brand champion, designer, consultant

It’s not easy to put an item in my portfolio when it’s not for the public. While they aren’t trade secrets, many brands keep their bibles, guidelines, and style guides internal while some companies make them public so they are easily accessible by suppliers working for them.

So while most pages of brand guidelines I’ve created and updated often aren’t for public consumption, just know that I’m really quite good at helping founders organize their thoughts about the business they’ve created and make recommendations for all aspects of the visual expression of the brand while documenting it as we go.

These documents formalize the brand and are used for the lifetime of the business.

To do this, I lead a series of workshops with founders and key stakeholders to work through many questions they have likely been too busy to sit down and answer for themselves. Here’s what the table of contents for a brand guide might look like:

I also often work with existing guidelines delivered by agencies to bring them up to date, keep them relevant—and most importantly—ensure they are being used by team members. I would love to work with your team to formalize your brand!

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