Behind the scenes of a 9 month production

Roles: Producer, writer, production manager

“The sheer energy Elizabeth had to deliver our vision meant I could comfortably step back and let her work her magic.” -Claire Barron (Global Customer Experience Academy Manager, Vodafone Group)

One of my first really big undertakings with Global Fire was to produce a film for Vodafone Group. They presented us with an old version which badly needed to be updated and refreshed for the way the company works today. While we were given a slim budget to complete the story and, we believed it wasn’t possible to tell the story of a company operating in multiple global markets by filming only in the UK.

So while we filmed much of it in the UK (including at West London Film Studios which was great), we also headed to Lebanon and Kenya to show the broad range of the ways in which Vodafone’s services help to power connectivity globally.

Broken down in the night. In Beirut. In a Hezbollah controlled 'hood. Rock n roll.
Broken down in the night. In Beirut. Rock n roll.

As an aside, I have to say that while Kenya (my first Africa experience) was rather super, shooting in Beirut was just a complete experience. The very brief scenes we had to film didn’t take long so the opportunity to explore the area was amazing and I was forever changed by going into the Shatila refugee camp to hang out with a Palestinian family in the 5th floor of their self-built shanty house with no address. You can see a full story of this trip with images, video and sound recordings over here on my photography site. And here you can find what we got up to in Kenya when we weren’t filming.

From first briefing to completion, the project took 9 months.

The final piece…


Executive Producer // Elizabeth Halford
Production Assistant // Charlotte Simonsen
Director & DP // Mark Rose, Craig Johnson
1st Camera Assistant // Sascha Tucker
Grip // Fraser Hughes
Editors // Mark Rose, Ross Gill
Music // Ross Gill, Josh Eaves

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