I move fast and learn things.

This is where I share those learnings.

I move fast and learn things.

This is where I share those learnings.

How to discover your limiting beliefs

Note: this content was inspired by the episode of my 2019 podcast How to be Alpha in which psychotherapist Josh Magro did a session with me “on the air” to help me discover beliefs I didn’t know I had.

Your limiting beliefs are unconscious.

Let’s get them to the forefront so you can do something about it.

A limiting belief (or “core belief”) is a belief you have onto that holds you back or limits you in some way. These beliefs are usually formed early on in childhood. Before the age of 10 typically is when you have formed these templates for the world.

We run into these things as we’re trying to manifest the things we want in our lives and we stop ourselves because limiting beliefs say “this is just the way the world works”.

The stronger the belief, the more evidence we look for to confirm what we believe.

Most worksheets about limiting beliefs start with asking you about a belief you want to work on.

Every single worksheet I saw while preparing this one for you starts with “list your limiting beliefs”.

But beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “my family doesn’t approve of me”, “I’m too much for people”, “I will always be rejected” or “bad things will always happen to me” are often so pervasive in your daily life that you’re not even aware of them.

These beliefs are often completely buried in the back of your mind. They’re unconscious. So this worksheet is about discovering beliefs you’ve formed based on things that have occurred in your life.

There are a number of directions you can come at your limiting beliefs to find what works for you. Here are a few methods that I hope can get you started.

Tip: I recommend that you print this worksheet and work through it with a pen in your hand versus typing on a screen. You’ll be in a better, more creative frame of mind while putting pen to paper.

Download your limiting beliefs worksheet here.

After completing this worksheet, you may find yourself in need of some extra support to work through the things that are limiting you in your life. I absolutely recommend that you consider joining a P3 weekend in Orlando. They happen every 6 weeks and WILL change your life if you put in the work.

Thank you to Personal Power and Prosperity and psychotherapist Josh Magro for contributing to this worksheet.

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