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I've been in the business of creative since I was a kiddo shaking down my parents' friends to buy my yarn projects. I've been a photographer, content designer, TV producer and creative pipeline manager. I've encountered and supported many types of business models and these are my reflections.

Kind Words from Smart People

I’ve been incredibly lucky in my career to work across a variety of disciplines and industries and I have some kind words from smart people to prove it.

10517640_10154728031220650_2563038526093244009_o-1NIK MAHON, PH.D. (DIRECTOR OF CREATIVITY & ENTERPRISE AT UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON)

Elizabeth is a goal-oriented, motivated individual who is extremely organised and focused in her work and any task at hand. She is hard-working, full of creative energy, and passionate about her work. In addition to this, Elizabeth has great creative ‘vision’ and a can be relied on to always get the job done in a professional manner that answers the brief.


I had a vision for an emotional film to connect those working at Vodafone with a powerful sense of purpose. I explained to Elizabeth what I wanted, and it was a real pleasure to see her become as excited as I was about it. The sheer energy she had to deliver that vision meant I could comfortably step back and let her work her magic! What she created was perfect. I watched with tears in my eyes and so have many others now. I would not hesitate to use Elizabeth and the team at Global Fire again. Thank you Elizabeth, for helping me realise an ambition I had for some time and for making it better than I ever imagined.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth as a colleague for over year. She is an incredibly talented and hard-working individual, who is bursting with ideas. I’ve had the luck to work with many photographers, but Elizabeths is both patient and enthusiastic, which means she gets the perfect shot every time. Elizabeth also has the unique ability to keep “concise” meaningful and simple, her writing is perfect for the digital age. I thoroughly recommend her, I know she will succeed at whatever she puts her mind to.

13177136_10156947583070650_8091299161866287620_nSTEVE KAMINSKY, PH.D. (CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER, IRSF)

Elizabeth is one of the hardest working individuals I have worked with in regard to Rett Syndrome. Her energy is endless, her work as a professional photographer is simply outstanding, and her ability to take a complicated medical explanation and make it easy to understand is valued beyond measure. In simple terms you will not find a better colleague and a more enthusiastic individual to work with on any topic. For me her most prized virtue is her honesty and her word. She always delivers what she says she can deliver and in a most timely fashion. If I could hire Elizabeth I would hire her in a “New York” second.


With her team at Global Fire, Elizabeth managed to turn around a video project with a super tight deadline meaning we sourced, shot, edited and marketed 3 SME business owner videos in just a few days. Great to work with and offered lots of creative ideas to ensure the videos were perfect for social media; short, sharp and engaging. I had every confidence the videos would be delivered on brief from the get-go due to Elizabeth’s confident and decisive style.


Elizabeth is one of the most inspiring and hard working ladies I’ve ever met. I can never repay her for taking me under her wing and teaching me everything that she has. She always, always thinks three steps ahead and whatever she wants done, she gets done. Her incredible work ethic, creativity and business oriented mindset is one to envy.

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