I'm Elizabeth

"We brought Elizabeth onboard to fix the creative gaps in our startup. She quickly identified the needs and did an amazing job at putting the processes in place to streamline our creative department."

- Liz Hyman, VP People & Culture, HighKey Snacks

"Elizabeth is one of the hardest working individuals I have worked with...she always delivers what she says she can deliver and in a most timely fashion. If I could hire Elizabeth I would hire her in a New York second."

- Steven Kaminsky, Ph.d

Elevating brand equity through curiosity and connection


I'm a brand person with a passion for great UX and learning how people connect both with brands they love and ones they're meeting for the very first time.


I love to understand unconscious bias and how consumers make decisions. I test my assumptions and leverage data to validate my creative instincts.




2020 - Present

Brand Director

Rise8, Tampa

For this software consultancy, I keep my finger on the pulse of brand communications and mobilize the Rise8 story through design, video production, photography, and written content from ideation to delivery.

Story of our rebrand: bit.ly/rebrand-rise8


2008 - Present

Creative Professional

Contractor, Globally

Collaborating to nurture creative vision and logistical process while always keeping the user at the center of what we produce.

Me behind the scenes: https://bit.ly/elizabeth-bts


2019 - 2020

Creative Manager

HighKey Snacks, Orlando

I directed the creative pipeline from ideation to delivery while managing a team of vendors to deliver superior creative. I developed strategy and produced creative assets including digital ads, on and off-pack product photography, sales copy, live-action video, and animation.

Success story on this role: bit.ly/highkey-snacks


2014 - 2017

Creative Producer, Partner

Global Fire Productions, UK

For this production agency, I managed video projects, overseeing the process from ideation to delivery, negotiating budgets, leading the creative team, production management on-set, and nurturing the client. With experience in verticals including CPG, tech, food/beverage, and large scale industry.

Success story on this role: bit.ly/global-fire-case


2008 - 2014

Content Designer

Photography in Plain English

I was the founder of this photography education platform with a monthly readership of 100k, Facebook presence of 50k, and email list of 17k. Writing over 800 tutorials and editorials, I was paid to guest-post on other sites, write magazine editorials, teach online classes, make appearances in leading forums, webinars, and podcasts, 1:1 consulting with clients globally, and producing sponsored content. I was also profiled in a book about photographers. My focus was on building personal brand, pricing structures for service-based creative businesses, managing client expectations, and the sales process for commissioned artists. In 2014, I sold the rights to that intellectual property.



Audience engagement


Community management

Content design


Cross channel storytelling

Design thinking


Eye for consistency


Measuring success

Needs assessment


Production management

Video production

Writing long lists


Adobe Imaging (PS, LR)

Adobe imaging (PS, LR)

Adobe Video (Premier)

Google Suite

Project Mgmt (Asana, etc)

CMS (Wordpress, Shopify)

Copywriting AI

Social Mgmt (Sprout, Later)

How I Work

Move fast and learn things.


I am not the user.




Brands I've Served

Kind words from Smart People

"Elizabeth helped us better understand inefficiencies in our creative process and identified vendors to deliver assets at the same quality for a fraction of the cost. She also standardized processes to save us time and money. She asks hard questions, isn't afraid to poke holes in an idea, and isn't intimidated by a challenge. She's worked with big budgets and small budgets and still been able to deliver gorgeous, kickass work." - Morgan Shepard, Brand Communications Director, HighKey Snacks


"We brought Elizabeth onboard to "fix" the creative gaps in our ever changing, fast moving startup. At the time, no creative assets were being delivered by deadlines and we had numerous errors. Elizabeth did not skip a beat. She quickly jumped in, identified the needs in the organization and easily filled them with her expertise and network of creative talent. Elizabeth did an amazing job at putting the needed processes in place to streamline our creative department. Elizabeth is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with!" - Liz Hyman, VP People & Culture, HighKey Snacks

"I had a vision for and emotional film to connect those working at Vodafone with a powerful sense of purpose. The sheer energy Elizabeth had to deliver that vision meant I could comfortably step back and let her work her magic! What she created was perfect!! I watched with tears in my eyes and so have many others now.... I would not hesitate to use Elizabeth again and to fully recommend her work to everyone with absolute confidence." - Claire Barron, Global Experience Manager, Vodafone Group


"I was very happy to bring Elizabeth onboard to produce an animated film to represent the 2016 Global Peace Index. With a media launch into 140 countries, the film required cross-cultural understanding, clear communication and engaging visual - all of which were exceptionally delivered for us, on time and on budget. - Darren Lewis, Marketing Director, Institute for Economics and Peace

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