How to make it in the media industry

I was pretty thrilled to be asked to speak to media students for National Apprenticeship Week. Usually, when I speak, it’s to folks who know a thing or two, so to get a crack at talking to kids at the beginning of their explorations in the creative & media fields is an honor for a bossypants like me. I was asked to just talk about my job, but I went off-piste and dropped some truth bombs about success and grown-up life.

  • Can we really achieve it all?
  • What’s better than dreaming?
  • And how do I succeed without making plans?

If you know a person (young or otherwise) who wants to make it big (in anything, really) then this is the talk for them.

I hold up a mirror for my
customers to see their own

I guess you could say I’m like
a therapist for businesses.
No smoke.
Just mirrors.

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