Rebranding a video production company into a creative agency

Roles: Producer, brand champion

“Elizabeth faces challenges head-on and isn’t afraid to get out of her comfort zone.” -Ross Gill, Founder & CEO, Global Fire Creative

One of my favorite roles was as a creative producer for Global Fire. When I joined this production company in the UK, they first brought me in to help develop the business. I later took on account management and production.

One of my first tasks was to guide a rebrand. I collaborated with Duncan Millar of Deadpixel and together, we worked to develop a visual brand to reflect who Global Fire was to their customers.

Through a listening exercise with clients, we discovered that Global Fire was like the roadie crew behind the scenes making their live events and video productions great. We were silent partners in black slipping and and out of the proverbial backstage to let THEM shine.

Simply put, the customers were the rockstars.

This very much aligned with the vibe of the team who were actual rockstars in the past. They would show up with shaved heads and tattoos with black cases of gear and make shit happen. They were, quite literally, video roadies!

So Duncan and I worked to design what you see here. A brand to reflect the rockstar edge of our video production roadie crew.

I ran with the new visual brand and designed a fresh website with video background (which was a new thing at the time). I also designed a content strategy for marketing ourselves around this idea of being roadies which took the form of behind-the-scenes videos showing us in action. You can find some of those here.

You can learn more about my role at Global Fire in this case study.

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