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Behind the Scenes Video // Office Zombie for Vodafone

Behind the scenes filming a short-form video for a corporate client. This 16 hour shoot produced a 1:52 minute film.

Behind the Scenes

The final product


  • Producer Elizabeth Halford
  • Director Damian Power
  • DOP Mark Rose
  • First Camera Assistant Sascha Tucker
  • Grips Fraser Hughes, Joanne Williamson, Sarah Tehranian
  • Props Charlotte Simonsen
  • Edit Mark Rose
  • Sound Elkanah Groves
  • Music Ross Gill
  • MUA Tamara Tott
  • Talent Gordon Peaston (Zombie) Jamie Lee-Hill (male co-worker) Sacharissa Claxton (female co-worker)
  • Extras Joanne Williamson, Adam Renshaw, Sarah Tehranian

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